Windshield repair houston

Windshield repair by A Texas Staunch Auto Glass is your best option if the glass on your vehicle got damaged by a rock or debris from the road


Certified technicians by the National Windshield Repair Division NWRD

Mobile service

Lifetime warranty

Our goal is

  • Improve the optical clarity of the damaged area.
  • Restore a smooth surface to prevent interference with the wipers.

  • Stop the damage from spreading by adding strength to the damaged area.

Your safety is our commitment


What is an impact repair, ussually known as rock chip repair

Windshield Repair is a permanent process that can be used to repair a laminated windshield that has been damaged. IMPACT This is the most common cause of a damage, occurs when an object strikes the glass, according to NWRD (National Windshield Repair Division).

Stress or Twist: A crack occurs when a windshield

is twisted, either by flexing within the vehicle frame or because of improper mounting.

The concept of repairing laminated windshields first appeared in 1968. A TEXAS STAUNCH AUTO GLASS always use the chemicals and tools, specifically designed for repair of laminated auto glass and windshields.

our goal is to achieve PERFECTION  on a finite area of the exterior surface.

rock chip




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